What happens after a property is cleared?

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Where do cleared items end up?

What happens after a property is cleared?

When we clear your property, we’ll sort the items into different groups to be taken away. Resaleable items are sent off to auction; reusable items are donated to charity; the rest are taken to a recycling facility. To reduce our impact on the environment, we deliver these items to the facilities nearest to the job sites.

Market-leading 55% landfill diversion

Letters, photographs and keys

Discreet disposal

After separating heirlooms and keepsakes to be returned to you, we'll carefully and discreetly dispose of any sensitive items and confidential data, such as personal or financial papers, which you have approved for removal. Please ask us to look out for and return items that you have been unable to discover yourself – such as old photographs, letters and important documents.

Under the hammer

We’ll reduce your bill for every item with an estimated auction value of £50 or more. It’s less hassle than taking them to auction yourself, you won’t have to pay commission charges and, as you’ve already been credited, you won’t risk a loss.
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Supporting those less fortunate

If an item doesn’t reach the auction entry level, we’ll include it with the items destined for charity shops. This forward-thinking approach allows charities to benefit from items you no longer want, while allowing us to achieve market-leading 55% landfill diversion.

Preserving the planet

Even with a careful owner, most items removed from a clearance can’t
 be resold at auction or charity. These items are taken to a local recycling facility, where as much as possible is saved from landfill.
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“I work for a busy local letting agent and have been using All Clear for years.

The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. The service is good quality and delivered quickly. Strongly recommended! ”

Tom Stott, Tanat Jones & Company, Brighton

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The 7 key benefits of using All Clear Sussex for your house clearance:
  • Honest, upfront, volume-based pricing
  • Trading Standards approved
  • Clear, transparent itemised valuation and invoicing
  • Discreet CRB-checked, uniformed staff
  • Recommended and rated 9.9/10 Checkatrade
  • Market-leading 55% landfill diversion
  • Over £7,000 raised for NSPCC
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