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Do you live in a house or a flat?
What are the circumstances for the house clearance? We like to know this information so that we can tailor our service to ensure that we give you the best service possible
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How many bedrooms do you have?
Do you have any out houses?
What outhouse type is it? *
How would you describe the contents of the house? Minimal - small amount of furniture, only the bare essentials.
Normal - What you would expect to see in the room, e,g, bed, wardrobe, desk, lamp, rug, chair.
Hoarder - Lots of boxes and bags of miscellanious items.
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Are there items of value in the house? Items of value or things like electrical products e.g. TVs, antiques or very modern products that could be sold at an auction. Please note, that electrical items need to be under 3 years old to be considered valuable.
Are there parking restrictions at the property? Ideally we would like to park outside your house to aid the loading process into our vans.
Will the property have any of the following items Items like these incur disposal costs, so we like to know whether your propert has them, in order to plan ahead.
Will you require a cleaning service? For an additional fee we provide a deep cleaning service for the property.
Please describe the property
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